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  • Teapot Frame: Provides Soothing And Stylish Tea Experience

    "Our cup of tea is obviously at its best taste when hot. On the other, while we want our tea to be hot, we must face the consequences of holding our teapot while hot as we serve our cup of tea, which may cause us to get burned. This will never be the issue anymore with the presence of the Teapot frame. The teapot frame by Betina Piqueras has the elegant look that will surely add some quality ambiance on your tea break. In addition, when not in use, the Teapot Frame along with the teapot on will definitely be a good décor for any kitchen interiors."

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  • I'm a little Teapot

    "Far from short and stout, the Rocking Teapot explores design behind intuition and perceived function. Everyone tips a teapot to pour it so why not integrate that function into the design? In many cultures tea ceremonies are tradition and time honored. The need for design to assist in the simple act of pouring and serving is personal and holds emotional meanings, not to mention beautiful."

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  • Betina Piqueras Rocking Teapot

    Rocking Teapot"There is nothing like sitting on your favourite rocking chair with a cup of tea in hand, and betina piqueras’ rocking teapot brings the two together in a creative reworking. the rocking teapot is a small tray that has a wire frame that holds a special teapot by two handles on its side. the teapot is suspended in the air and a small circle in the tray holds the cup below. the user simply tilts the teapot towards the cup and the tea pours right in. the design is perfectly functional helping users steadily pour a big pot of tea while remaining quite whimsical."

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